Consultancy in financial matters
1. Consultancy :-

Prrsaar has same of the best professionals in its team who provide simplest solutions to complex financial problems.

2. Valuation of Enterprises :-

Valuation:- In these days, there is a lot of scope for expansion. There is a need of joint ventures or equity participation or association which requires valuation of an enterprise. Some times due to some differences, one wants to disassociate also.

In all such cases fair valuation of enterprise is most important. Prrsaar is known for its fairness & in-depth analysis in such cases.

3. Prrsaar club :-

For financial awareness and bulk purchases of financial products & other common products.

Prrsaar club:- Prrsaar has formed Prrsaar club which is owned & managed by Prr .Cons. Ser. P. Ltd, the main focus is on -
(i)Creating financial awareness.
(ii)Benefits financial products or other products in bulk for members so that best services are received at a lesser cost. Eq. Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Car Insurance etc.
(iii)To make suggestions & give solutions for socio-economic upliftment to the person & the nation at large.
(IV)Any person of sound mind and good morel character can become member of club without any fee. (Term & Conductions apply)

4. Financial Planning : -

Those who fail to plan, they plan to fail. Prrsaar is a firm known for best planning and provides out standing financial planning solutions.
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